The six wonderful social media Apps for you from Independent BlackBerry 10 developers

Social media is considered one of the most effective and efficient way to contact, share information with your clients, friends and colleagues. Most companies and professionals have their strong hold on three powerful social media apps like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook and use them as their digital marketing tool.

When talking of mobile smartphone many by default have these three apps for you to use. But if you own a Blackberry android smartphone be it Priv or DTEK50 or 60 or even Blackberry 10 or Z10 or Z30 models you will love their social media apps. Such apps are developed by Independent Blackberry 10 developers and now give you the freedom to choose and access your social accounts with these apps either for official or personal use.

Find below the six wonderful social media apps for you and you will really thank the work that independent BlackBerry 10 developers have dedicated in providing you the best social media apps

These six apps will give you a different take and feel on your regular Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin as they are the third party apps that will you connect to social networking sites.

1. Blaq for Twitter – $2.99

Blaq App

Blaq is a third party Twitter application. You can switch between it and the official Twitter app, but Blaq has such a beautiful design which is easy to read. It offers reliable photo-posting capabilities, an optimized menu of actions and in-app notifications. If you are seeing too many tweets about a topic that you don’t want to read about then you can mute them , it is based on smart data, such as a specific user, any keyword, a specific Twitter client or a time frame to hold the mute.

Few of Blackberry Blaq  App features:

  • Fast scrolling
  • Interactive gesture engine for quick actions to keep you moving
  • Real time Twitter streaming support
  • Power-conscious – When minimized, Blaq goes into low-power mode to save battery
  • The most advanced muting system – mute based on multiple criteria
  • Sharing – Share from just about any app to Blaq and vice versa
  • Active Frame – Know when you get new tweets, mentions or direct messages
  • BBM integration – share tweets updates with your BBM contacts
  • Native or editable retweet support (hold down on RT icon in detail screen)
  • In-app notifications
  • Push notifications
  • Follow, Retweet and favorite notifications
  • Background notifications when the app is closed
  • Scheduled tweets
  • Hub integration
  • Light and dark themes
  • Twitter username auto-completion
  • Use emoji and emoticons when creating tweets
  • Image previews within Blaq
  • View your lists curated from twitter.
  • Multi-account support
  • Search people and tweets
  • Photo posting – Twitter
  • Support for all BlackBerry 10 devices

2. Face10  for Facebook– Free


Face10 is BlackBerry 10 app and is a powerful alternative to the official Facebook application. The features are too numerous to mention, but it is extremely responsive and versatile. The settings, colour schemes, app password lock and a dark theme option are great extras. Not all of the features are available on the free version of the app. Going Pro, with an in-app purchase of $2.99, gives you more options such as replying to comments, Hub integration and notifications, as well as multiple-account support.

Few Features of Face 10 App

  • Send and receive stickers
  • View replies of a comment
  • Reply to a Comment
  • Hub Integration
  • Hub Notifications
  • Download Videos and Photos
  • Multiple Accounts Support
  • Customize Color Schemes
  • Set App Wallpapers
  • App Security Lock Password
  • Create Home Screen Shortcuts for easy and fast access
  • Share a Video/Photo from Gallery
  • Update Status, Post/Upload Photos and Videos
  • Checkin, Share a Link/Post, Respond to Events
  • Filter NewsFeeds and Comments, View Page Insights
  • View Groups, Pages, Events, Family, Mutual Friends
  • View Friend Requests, Messages, Newsfeed, Mutual Friends, Followers, Following, Liked Pages, Games, Friend Lists, Birthdays, Likers, Albums, Photos, Videos, Group Files and Docs, Members, Activity Log and much more
  • Send and Accept Friend Requests, Invite Friends to an Event

3. Pro Insights for Linkedin $3.99

Proinsight app

Aside from the official LinkedIn application, BlackBerry App World is populated with numerous 3rd party applications that offer up one-touch access to LinkedIn from any app. While they redirect to the LinkedIn mobile site, they don’t provide the true app experience.

ProInsights is not a regular LinkedIn client app, rather it promises to “read between the lines” of your LinkedIn account. While the app still lets you view updates, post your own status updates and send private messages, it’s really a way to dive deeper into your reach within the social network. You can also view information about your contacts, such as a contact’s location on a map or even discover the dominant age group for your contacts. ProInsights is a window in statistical information you never thought to discover.

Multi-Network Apps

There are also a wide variety of applications that can help you manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all at the same time. Suppose you  want to post a message on multiple social networks or otherwise consolidate your social media, for efficiency’s sake, you may use one of the following three apps from Blackberry

4. QuickPost – Free

Quick Post app

The popular Quickpost allows you to send messages to multiple social network accounts swiftly and effortlessly. Supporting various accounts, including BBM (channels and groups), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Dropbox, Quickpost reposts with one tap and keeps track of recent post history. This app is especially handy for those who enjoy broadcasting their messages but lack the time to handle numerous apps.

5. Social App – Free

Social app

Social App acts like the BlackBerry Hub, but instead of managing messages and notifications, it manages entire social network accounts and functionality. It supports Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and many other networks. With individual app settings kept separate from account selection, navigation is simple to master. Upgrading to the Pro version unlocks support for other apps, such as Twitter, Google Maps and Meetup.

6. Buffer – Free

Buffer app

Buffer is BlackBerry 10 app who is a master at sharing posts across pages, profiles and groups. One of the main benefits is the ability to schedule posts for the best time to reach the most potential readers. Not only that,  Buffer includes analytics to help you track mentions, likes and re-tweets. It’s smart sharing as well as smart monitoring; you author the posts, then you decide who sees them and when to post.

Each of these apps helps you connect to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in powerfully different ways.  All of the above apps you can easily find at the Blackberry app store and it is you decide how you wish to use them and interact with these social media networks.