The popup widgets on the BlackBerry Priv and how to enable them

BlackBerry Priv has all its latest enhancements and customizations that makes its user more comfortable to have hand on their device.  One such feature called Pop-Up Widgets, which makes it possible to activate a widget from an app’s icon. But what is a pop up widget?

In Android, the word widget is a generic term for a bit of self-contained code that displays a program, or a piece of a program, that is also a shortcut to a larger application.  You must have seen almost all the mobile devices have in built widgets like a clock, calendar, or bookmarks widget.   But with too many of such kinds spreading across your different home screen does not look nice.

The BlackBerry Priv offers its users a unique way in having a widget for use and also keeping them away from sight in the home screen. These are called pop up widgets as they pop when you need them with just a swipe over the app icon. But for this you need to enable these pop widgets to have them when you need for use as they are not enabled by default.

Follow the simple steps to enable the pop up widgets in BlackBerry Priv

Any app with a widget will show three dots beneath it and you need to turn the feature on.

First you need to open the App Drawer.

Then tap on the Settings icon.

Now  check the box next to Pop-Up Widgets.

With the feature enabled, you’ll notice some app icons now have three small dots just below them. These dots serve as an indicator, letting you know the app has a widget.

How to enable BB pop up widget


Opening a widget is done by placing your finger on the app’s icon, the swiping up in one quick gesture. For apps with more than one widget, you’ll have to select the widget you want to display the first time you use the feature.

Blackberry pop up widget

With Pop-up widgets you can instantly go for the information inside an app without actually launching the app.

Also it saves you from creating extra home screens  Now choose the widget you want and just swipe over that app to see what the widget speaks about.