How to customize the BlackBerry Priv’s swipe shortcuts

If you look at any Android phone swiping the home button on the device gives you access to Google Now. But with BlackBerry Priv you can have more options when pressing the home button. You can launch three different apps  that are BlackBerry Search, Google Now and BlackBerry Hub and out of them two can be customized too according the one that you wish to use often.

Here are the simple steps to do

Either from the app drawer or the notification tray, open up “Settings.”

Scroll down until you see an option for “Swipe shortcuts.”

Blackberry swipe shortcuts

Now just “Tap” on this.

How to customize bb swipe shortcuts

The screen you see now will let you select options for the left and right shortcut circles. Tap on each one individually.

Now tap on any shortcut that you want to edit and customize and select the new shortcut from the list.

You can open any app you want, for example. You can also assign a speed dial contact, a shortcut to start sending a message or, choose from a whole host of shortcuts that BlackBerry has pre-defined on the phone like sending a BlackBerry Messenger message or starting a new Google Sheets document and plenty of places in between.

If there’s something you use a lot and you want quick access then just swipe your shortcuts here and edit any time from your home button. Easy, right.