How to use Blackberry Calendar app like a pro

Blackberry Calendar app

The BlackBerry Calendar app is the best app in a Blackberry device that integrates seamlessly with the BlackBerry Hub. It means that you can use the Hub to view all of your meetings, appointments or events across multiple email or social accounts. Like you got t a Facebook event invite or a doctor’s appointment sent to your personal email address or a important work meeting from your enterprise account. All of them will end up in the same place. Below find how to use the Blackberry Calendar app like a pro and make your plans, business and personal things more organised, up to date and easy to handle.

How to access the Calendar app

  • To access your calendar settings, tap  Settings. In this menu, you will be able to:
  • Edit quick responses: Tap Quick responses and select a quick response from the menu. Make any changes you wish and tap OK. This is handy, as you can write your own templates to save even more time.
  • Stop events that you decline from appearing in your calendar by a simple tap
  • Switch between time zones: Turn on the Use device time zone to have the Calendar us your device’s current time zone. Turn off this setting, followed by tapping Time zone to manually select your preferred time zone. This is handy if you’re traveling and need to view an event in the time zone where it is occurring.
  • Choose which day of the week your calendar starts on. Tap Start of the week, and then tap a day.
  • Select the notification sound for event reminders. Tap Tone, select and option and tap OK.

Blackberry calendar

How to create an Event or meeting in Calendar app

To create an event\meeting, open up the BlackBerry Calendar app and tap the plus symbol. Tap the calendar icon and proceed to fill in the information pertaining to your event. Here, you can add event details like a title, time, reminder time, alarm and a location.

Once you have created an event it will now show up in your calendar and notify you as you have set it.

Here is a quick list of other event functions and how to do them:

  • Set Recurring Event: During the Create Event stage, tap more options > Turn off Does not repeat and set the desired reoccurring date(s)
  • Change or Delete an Event: Open an event in the BlackBerry Calendar, tap edit icon to edit the event or delete icon to delete the event
  • Change Event Availability or Privacy: Tap the event you want to change followed by tapping edit icon
  • To change Privacy settings, tap Privacy and choose either Private or Public depending on your security needs
  • To change availability for an event, tap Show me as and choose either Busy, Available or Tentative

How to manage your invitations in Calendar app

As stated above, the great thing about the BlackBerry Calendar is that you can receive event invitations from multiple accounts and they will ALL appear in your BlackBerry Calendar.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to manage your invitations:

  • Responding to an Invitation: Open the calendar invitation and click Yes to accept, No to decline or Maybe to tentatively accept the invitation. This may seem mundane, but ensuring that you’ve responded correctly to the invitation allows you to manage your calendar effectively and inform your peers if you are attending or not.
  • Email the Event Organizer: The really cool thing about the BlackBerry Calendar app is that you can quickly email the person who has sent you the invitation.  Open the invitation, tap Email organizer, and then you can either select a quick response or compose your own message.
  • Email Guest: You also have the ability to quickly email guests that are attending the event you have just received an invitation to! Open the event, tap Email guests and either select a quick response or Write your own to compose a message.