How to have the latest updates on BlackBerry Hub Suite?

Have updates on Whatsapp, Business Support and more

BlackBerry Hub is a BlackBerry 10 application that lets you access and respond to emails, text messages and social network activity. Traditional mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android present a unified view of email, text message and social network notifications, but you must open individual applications to respond. With BlackBerry Hub you can reply to emails and texts and post updates to social networks all from the same interface. Hub also integrates with calendars and BlackBerry Messenger.

Here’s a complete list of applications that integrate with BlackBerry Hub for Android. Over the various updates and releases. With these advancements, the BlackBerry applications have become more widely available with the Hub+ Suite of BlackBerry apps supporting Android devices running Android 5.0 and higher. The BlackBerry Hub also supports Gmail, Yahoo!,, Microsoft Exchange accounts, and many IMAP and POP3 email providers.

Currently, the following apps are supported on BlackBerry Hub for Android:

BBM; BBM Enterprise; Contacts+; Discord; Facebook; Facebook Lite; GroupMe; Hangouts; Instagram; Kakaotalk; Kik; Line; Line Lite; LinkedIn; Messenger; Messenger Lite; Pinterest; QQ; QQ Lite; QQI; Qzone; Reddit; Remind; Signal; Skype; Skype Lite; Skype for Business; Slack; Teams; Telegram; TextNow; Tumblr; Twitter; Viber; WeChat; WhatsApp; XING; Yahoo Messenger and Zalo.

You can get a lot of value from having just one place to check for all their most important notifications.

The new updates for Blackberry Hub Suite Apps

BlackBerry Hub Suite apps have been updated including the BlackBerry Hub, Contacts, Tasks, and more. Even the BlackBerry Productivity Tab has picked up some minor enhancements and stability fixes this time around.

Blackberry Hub Updates

Update BlackBerry Hub and now view messages from your most important contacts and conversations with Priority Hub. Also now has supported integration for WhatsApp Business.

Blackberry Calendar

Updated BlackBerry Calendar where now you can now turn on dark theme to use the Calendar app with light text on a dark background.

Blackberry Contacts

Update Contacts by BlackBerry and turn on dark theme to use the Contacts app with light text on a dark background or Choose which contact info you include when you share a contact with someone.

Blackberry tasks

Update Tasks by BlackBerry and Turn on dark theme to use the Tasks app with light text on a dark background

Update Notes by BlackBerry and turn on dark theme to use the Notes app with light text on a dark background

Either way, all of the apps have been updated so if you haven’t had any of the new listed features already, you should get them all with these updates.

At the time of writing the BlackBerry beta Centercode didn’t have the full change logs listed, nor does the Google Play listings but simply highlight bug fixes and improvements.