How to use WhatsApp alternative in Blackberry- BBM

Now that you are aware that WhatsApp will no longer be available in Blackberry by the end of 2016, you need to look for an alternative to keep your chat on with your friends. As BlackBerry has been losing a lot of market share in the rising competitive industry of mobile phones and holds only 0.2 percent in comparison to Android which has 80.7 percent, iOS with 17.7 percent and with Windows at 1.1 percent. As WhatsApp is leaving BlackBerry’s platform, you might be wondering if there are other messaging platforms which BlackBerry users can use to chat to their contacts on Android and iPhone.
WhatsApp alternative to BlackBerry

Though there are t many different apps which provide the same functionality as WhatsApp but the great alternative to it is Blackberry Messenger App also commonly known as BBM. This free app is available for on AndroidiOS,  and Windows phone  and can be even downloaded from Amazon.

The only difference that you will find in BBM and WhatsApp is that BBM is limited  for chat sending photos and voice where as WhatsApp can allow you to make group video calls too. But if making video call is not so  important for you, then BBM makes a great app as an alternative to WhatsApp and enables you to communicate with your non-BlackBerry contacts. This does mean that your non-BlackBerry contacts will need to have a BBM account and install the app to chat to you, but it’s a very simple sign-up and sign-in process which makes it a lot more attractive than other messaging apps out there.

Whatsapp Alternative to Blackberry

In order to get BBM on Android and iPhone, you’ll need create a BlackBerry account which can be done directly through the app or sign into an existing one.

When you’ve signed in, you’ll want to look through your previous contacts or your SIM contacts to see if anyone has got BBM already installed or even if they have a BlackBerry account. If you cannot find your friends through the app, message them on social media or send them a text to ask for their BBM PIN, which is a unique number associated to your account. This will allow you to directly find and add your friends and family.

After you’ve successfully added them, you can start chatting with your friends, as you would have done on WhatsApp. You’ll receive notifications on all mobile platforms and the good thing is that its battery usage is minimal.  What if WhatsApp is not now supporting Blackberry you have the alternative, isn’t it.