How your BlackBerry 10 phone can help you in a vacation or travel

When on travel or on a vacation it is your mobile phone that you do not wish to forget. You charge the battery in advance and ready your phone gears as you pack your bags. But you won’t be surprised if you own your Blackberry 10 device that how it helps you in your vacation.  For those who do not know and did not explored their phone as a traveler then here are the tricks to follow.

Use BlackBerry ‘Remember’ if you feel you would forget something

When going on vacation or travel you keep on checking whether you locked the doors of your garage, shut off the room lights and have packed your phone charger. But not to worry as now you can stay organized with the Remember app where you can create tasks and notes to keep you organized.

A Task allows you to set up a reminder (recurring or one-time) for yourself to complete a particular task – useful if you have to remember to set the alarm right before you leave.

A Note allows you to create a text note – useful for making packing lists or a list of jobs to finish before you leave.

You can add pictures to your notes or tasks, and you can create voice memos for yourself – so you can multitask while you make a packing list.

Inform people that you are on a vacation and will be away

Taking a vacation usually means taking a break from checking your work emails. Make sure the people who may contact you during your vacation know not to expect an immediate response by setting an out of office reply.

You can set automatic replies easily from the BlackBerry Hub. Simply

Tap three vertical dots go to Settings > Email Accounts

Choose the account you want to set up automatic replies for, and turn on Send Automatic Replies

Customize your own message

Also the BlackBerry 10 OS allows you to set up different out of office responses for those inside and outside your organization if your email account supports this feature.

So, if you want to tell your colleagues to hold questions until you return, but you want clients to be directed to another point of contact, you have that option! Just turn on the optional Send Automatic Replies Outside of the Organization.

Make a plan and keep it flexible with your BlackBerry calendar

Your Calendar app is another great resource for trip planning. Add your flights, sight-seeing excursions, and more into your calendar. To add an event, open your Calendar app and hit plus sign at the bottom of your screen. Once you enter all the details, hit Save.

This can help keep you organized, but it can be flexible as well! If your plans change (as plans often do), moving a calendar entry is a simple matter of pressing and holding the Calendar entry, and then either click the delete to get rid of an event, or the edit icon to edit date, time, or even location.

When creating an event, you can choose which calendar you would like to save it under, if you have multiple calendars set up on your phone. This allows you to save your vacation calendar entries to your personal calendar, and keep them separate from your work calendar.

Customize your plans and events in your calendar with color

You can also customize the color of each calendar, so you can tell the difference between multiple events. To do this:

In the Calendar app, swipe down from the top of the screen

Tap Settings, followed by Calendar Colors

Tap a calendar and specify your desired color

While on vacation, if you want to hide your work calendar so that you can just focus on your vacation activities, you can hide a calendar temporarily from within the Calendar app. In the app, swipe down from the top of the screen, tap calendar, and uncheck the boxes next to the calendars you want to hide

Use time zone preview to get your timing right when traveling across zones

Another great travel tool is your BlackBerry 10 Clock app. In addition to providing alarm, timer, and stopwatch functions, the Clock app also provides you with a world clock. You can add as many cities as you want by following these simple steps when in the Clock app:

Tap three vertical bars or lines then go to globe icon, Tap plus icon Enter a location Choose a city

After you’ve added a city, clicking on the city name will pull up the current weather in that location!

This can be useful if you want to know the time in your destination, and it’s also great when communicating across time zones. When calling to check in on your parents, kids, friends, or anyone else, this function can help you ensure you’re calling at the right time, no matter the time difference between you while you’re away!

Try viewing your pictures on a map especially for road trips

After the vacation when you get back home, it can be easy to share your memories with others, or simply reminisce on your own. Using the View Pictures on a Map function on BlackBerry 10 can show you where each picture was taken, so you can retrace your steps!

In order to view your pictures on a map, you must enable geo-tagging in the Camera app.

Use Blackberry travel and map App

The BlackBerry Travel app on BlackBerry 10 is an all-in-one travel app that allows you to plan, book, manage and share your travel directly from your BlackBerry smartphone. It provides the ultimate mobile travel management experience, keeps you moving and adapts to your needs

This app is helpful in a vacation and on travel as it will notifies you of flight delays, helps you  find deals on hotels and car rentals, and serves as a hub for of your trip details.

Blackberry map is another app for keeping you informed of traffic conditions and letting you instantly share yourlocation via BBM or text message.