How these 10 tricks get you more out of your Blackberry DTEK50

Blackberry DTEK series of DTEK50 or latest being DTEK60 are considered the most secure Android smartphone in the globe. This is namely because of the software it runs on. If you are owning a DTEK50 here are the 10 best tricks for his Android smartphone that will get you more of this wonderful device.

1. You can transfer content from another phone

Transfer content from another phone

If you previously owned Blackberry Priv or another phone and you are switching now to DTEK50 and you want some or all of your content on your new device then no worries. With BlackBerry’s Content Transfer app, which comes pre-installed, you can transfer data from a BlackBerry 10, an Android device, or any iOS device within Apple’s arsenal. The process is pretty straightforward, and you can customize the data you want to take. Plus, the DTEK50 connects via Wi-Fi Direct, which expedites the transfer and ensures fast and smooth run.

2. You can set up guest access

Set up a guest access

As in Blackberry Priv you can set up another user or guest account in DTEK50. Swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to access the settings pane. Tap the gear icon at the top and select Users in the resulting menu. Then, tap on Guest to switch to guest access, or tap the settings button next to it to allow that user to make phone calls (it’s off by default).

They can have their own space on the phone with their own apps, wallpaper, and settings. If that’s what you want to do, tap Add User and follow the steps to add an account. Once completed, you can switch between users by simply swiping down with two fingers from the top and tapping the account icon in the top-right corner to make a selection. As the device owner, you can also remove any account at any time.

3. You can assign a task to the convenience key

Assign a Task to the convenience key

The DTEK50 is a rebadged Alcatel Idol 4, so it doesn’t carry much of a surprise when it comes to hardware. There is a useful Convenience key in the middle, however, along the right edge of the phone. By default, the button switches to the menu for setup, allowing you to choose from a list of provided shortcuts or select any app you have installed on the phone.

Once the key is assigned, pressing it takes you directly to that app or function, no matter where you are on the phone. The only downside is that it won’t work when the phone is asleep or the screen is locked, so it’s a feature that stands out more when the phone is active. If you change your mind about the shortcut after you’ve already set it up, go to Settings > Convenience key > Clear to start over again.

4. You can assign shortcuts for the home button

Assign Shortcuts to home screen

Holding the Home button can trigger Google Now, but swiping up from it activates three customizable shortcuts. Just Go to Settings > Swipe shortcuts and tap on any of the three apps you want to change. Like the Convenience key, a function or app can be assigned to each icon, and it is entirely up to you, how apps can be replaced or reshuffled however you see fit.

5. You can flip the screen face down to mute everything

Advanced interactions

This is usually on by default, but in case it’s not, go to Settings > Advanced Interactions and slide the Flip to Mute option to on. When activated, flipping the DTEK50 with the screen face down will mute all incoming calls and notifications, ensuring there are no distractions during a meeting or quiet night out.

6. Now quickly launch the camera

Quickly launch the camera

While you can always swipe the camera app up from the lock screen to launch it, there is a shortcut you can activate to launch the camera when your phone is asleep. Go to Settings > Display > Press power button twice for camera and slide it to on. As the title suggests, double-pressing the power button immediately launches the camera without requiring you to turn it on.

7. You can use manual mode for better photos

Manual Mode for better photos

The DTEK50 has a decent camera for a mid-range phone, and the addition of a manual mode adds DSLR-style controls to the interface. Shooting in this mode can produce better images in more difficult conditions, particularly when settings are too bright or too dark. With the camera on, tap the top-left corner and select Manual Mode to switch over.

You can adjust settings such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure, and focus with a slider that appears on the right. As you make adjustments, the effects appear in real-time, so you know how the photo will turn out. It takes a bit of time to practice for perfection for better composition of your photos.

8. You can use screen pinning for extra privacy

Screen Pinning

As a privacy tool, screen pinning can be useful in a pinch. The idea is to “pin” an app to the screen so that a user borrowing your DTEK50 doesn’t wander off to some other app. To use this, tap Settings > Security > Screen pinning and slide the feature on.

You open an app, tap the Recents button, and then the pin icon that appears within the app. Keep in mind that when an app is pinned, the Back and Recents buttons will be disabled. To unpin an app, simultaneously press and hold the Back and Recents buttons.

9. You can disable diagnostic and usage data

Disable Diagnostic

Though BlackBerry has this feature turned on by default but if you’d rather not send any data or information to the company you can easily disable the feature. Go to Settings > Diagnostics and slide the setting to off to cease sending diagnostic and usage information to BlackBerry.

10. You can add an email signature

Add email signature

You can add an email signature to your DTEK50 mail and personalize it. It also helps you save time when writing the email, as signatures are automatic and will be applied to every email you write.

From your home screen, select the BlackBerry Hub application. For those who are looking to add a signature to a BES account, select the Hub for Work application in the Applications menu.

In the top left corner, tap on the Options icon that has three straight horizontal lines, now tap Settings followed by tapping on the email address that you want to set up with a signature. Tap Signature and write the mail and when finished tap ok.

With the above 10 tricks now see for yourself the efficiency of your Blackberry DTEK50.