How to customize app notifications on BlackBerry smartphones powered by Android?

Now you can customize the app notifications on BlackBerry without even turning on your screen and this is how you can do by following the simple steps below

As a first step swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers, or twice using one finger.

Now go to top right corner and tap to open the settings

Or you can access settings through your app list

Now tap on sound and notification followed by App notifications

Then tap on the app you want to customize.

BlackBerry App Notifications Settings

If you do not want to receive notifications from the app you can turn on the block all

If you wish to ensure notifications from the app are treated as priority, you can turn on the Treat as priority. On doing this you will have following effects:

  • Notifications from the app will always appear at the top of your notifications list.
  • Notifications from the app will be heard when Do not disturb is set to Priority only

If you wish to show or hide notifications when on the Lock screen, you can toggle the Allow peeking switch on or off.

If you have notifications appear when your device is locked, but you prefer a specific app does not show a detailed notification, turn on Hide sensitive content. This will ensure private information isn’t shown in a notification.