How to color code BlackBerry Hub accounts using Priv

Blackberry hub brings your communication at one place right. As it is a BlackBerry 10 application it allows you to access and respond to emails, text messages and your social network activity.

In earlier mobile operating systems like iOS and Android you find a unified view of email, text message and social network notifications, but you need to open individual applications to respond. With BlackBerry Hub, however, you can reply to emails and texts and post updates to social networks all from the same interface. Hub also integrates with calendars and BlackBerry Messenger.

With the coming of BlackBerry Priv now you can set differentiate these communications with different colors as you can set an account color each account you have setup on your Priv device.

This feature thus makes it easy for you to find a specific message when you are in the BlackBerry Hub,  and provides the ability to see which account received a message in the notification shade as per the screenshot.

But you need to know as how to setup color code for your BlackBerry Hub accounts.

First go to the Black Berry Hub

Tap the three lines  followed by Settings

Within Accounts tap one of your accounts

How to color code blackberry hub

Tap Account Color and set your preferred color

Tap the back arrow in the top left when finished

You can set colors in the same manner for your other accounts

Once done you’ll notice the color you selected appears in three locations.

The first location is the notification shade, shown whenever a new message arrives, the second location is in the BlackBerry Hub, along the left side of the screen, and finally if you tap three horizontal lines while viewing the hub, associated colors appear to the right of your various accounts.

In future now when you setup new accounts within your BlackBerry Hub, you can designate specific colors for the notification LED, so they match the color code you use in your inbox. You can easily know which messages or alerts are waiting for you with a quick glance at the blinking light.