10 tips to help you manage your messages and notifications in your BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub is a heart of Blackberry 10 or BlackBerry Priv where you can have all your communications displayed be it your notifications, text messages or BlackBerry Messenger messages or any event that you have marked in BlackBerry calendar for your notification. It is thus a single place (Hub) where you get all your important information and you can manage all this from one place that is BlackBerry Hub. Here below are the 10 tips with which you can manage the BlackBerry Hub more efficiently.

1. Group your emails in conversations

Emails are important part of communication. Instead of having so many emails in the hub you can group them into a conversation view so that you can see the latest email only in the hub instead of so many (old email) of them and if you wish to see the archive of a particular email you can easily then open the conversation.

BlackBerry Hub Settings

If you wish to group e-mails in conversations

BB Hub Conversations

  • First launch the Hub and select Settings from the menu.
  • Select Display and Actions at the top of the list.
  • The first item in this screen will allow you to change the display style from “Single Messages” to “Conversation.”

2. Hide filed messages

In the Display and Actions Settings only you can hide your emails if you have filed from being displayed in your Hub.

Hide Filed Messages

In this way you can only see emails in your in box and not those emails that has been stored away in folders; unless the message is part of a conversation, where you’ll still see it when you view the conversation. Just toggle the switch to Off to hide filed messages.

3. Hide sent messages

In the Display and Action in BlackBerry Hub you can also hide sent messages. It is because there will be so many sent messages that managing it becomes difficult. So you can easily hide sent messages so you see only what you want to see when glancing at your Hub.

Hide Sent Messages

So just toggle switch to hide sent messages. Swipe the switch to the “Off” position and all of the sent messages currently displayed in your Hub will be hidden.

4. Manage accounts

Are you using too many of Social apps like Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook. You must have seen that there will be so many notifications from these apps being loaded in your BlackBerry Hub.  To unload few of these notification messages now you can easily manage all these accounts in your own way. You can easily disable any service be it an e-mail account, BBM, text messaging, or one of the aforementioned social networks from the Hub — in the Hub Settings.

Manage Accounts

  • You can turn them off by sliding the On switch to the left.
  • You’ll still be able to access these accounts in the Hub, but the messages and alerts from any respective accounts you shut off will no longer show up under the main Hub category.
  • You’ll need to switch to any hidden account by sliding out the category list and selecting it.

5. Reset the Hub

Now you can reset the BlackBerry Hub easily. As many a times some social media app messages and notifications are delayed or not received at all. You opt to refresh the hub but still you can’t find these messages. What you need now to do is reset the blackberry hub.

Reset The Hub

To do this launch the hub. Just start from the top-right corner, swipe at an angle toward the middle of the screen five times. After the fifth swipe, the Hub will go blank and you’ll see a “Preparing BlackBerry Hub” message. When reloaded you’ll see your missing messages at once.

6. Managing Notifications and Email Accounts

Suppose you are reading an important conversation or an e-mail and the little red light starts flashing, it can take a few taps to get back to the Hub list to see what the notification is for. By the time you tap your way back to the list, you’ve lost your place in the message you were just reading, and you are frustrated.

Peek at your Accounts

Now no need of tapping the back arrow a few times, but instead you can peek at your Hub just by dragging the back arrow to the right. Once you do that, you’ll see the icons for your various accounts, with the infamous red splat indicating new messages for a service. You can also drag over a bit further to see a list of messages in your Hub.

7. Mark as read or delete prior messages

Read or Delete Messages

If you wish to mark your messages as read or want to delete prior messages then just tap and hold on the date bar until a menu pops out on the right side of your screen. From this menu you can quickly go through your messages by day, go to the top or bottom of your list, mark all prior messages as read, or delete all prior messages.

8. Customize your e-mail signature

You can customize your email signatures to be more personal or professional.

Go to your BlackBerry Hub and tap on the menu icon and then tap on Settings.

Customize your email signature

  • Select “Email Accounts.”
  • Tap on the account for which you’d like to change the signature.
  • Remove the default signature and replace it with a more personable signature, or disable the automatic signature feature altogether.

Customize your email signatures

You can then back out of this account setting and select another account to change its signature.

9. Remove Facebook notifications, Twitter direct messages

You may find that there are notifications for your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter in your BlackBerry Hub but many a times you receive direct messages in your Hub which not only clutter but also are inconvenient to look at each time you launch the Hub.

Remove Social Media Messages

  • You can simply remove of having such direct messages from either Facebook or Twitter.
  • Simply go to the Settings and select the “Accounts” option in the list.
  • Now you can select your Facebook or Twitter account, then turn off the appropriate setting for syncing direct messages or syncing Facebook messages.

10. Pinch to view unread messages

Pinch Gesture

In the latest versions of Blackberry 10 OS versions you can view messages from specific contacts, messages marked as high-priority, messages from conversations you started, or contacts with the same last name. If you do not want to use this feature you can switch it off which allows  you to quickly view only your unread messages by using a pinch gesture

  • Switch to the BlackBerry Hub
  • Tap three vertical dots  in the bottom right corner
  • Tap  Settings followed by Priority Hub
  • Turn Priority Hub off

After completing these steps, go back to your message list and perform a pinch gesture to quickly view your unread messages only. To go back to your complete message list, slide your fingers apart like you are zooming out

Hope these tips are helpful to you in managing your messages and notifications in your BlackBerry Hub.