How to activate email on the Blackberry 8520?

Blackberry Email Activation

Like any other smartphone you obviously need an internet to get going with your activation and setting up email account. So if you want to activate email on the Blackberry 8520 get in touch with your service provider have internet access or buy a plan with good internet and wifi. Once that has been confirmed, you can create an email or add an account and then follow simple steps given below.

So as said above to activate the email and Internet options contact your mobile service provider which is very important to be able to use messaging services.

Then on your device: go to options/advanced settings/host routing table/register now. Blackberry will save your terminal and wait for confirmation

When you have received confirmation of registration from your mobile service provider:

Go to configurations – installation wizard – email setup – choose “I want to create or add an e-mail” and then follow the instructions.

If the device does not synchronize with your email then go directly to the website of your mobile operator.

Click on “configure my mobile to receive my mail” – click on “If you have a BlackBerry mobile” – settings – click on Create a new account – I agree – and then enter the PIN code and IMEI terminal on your Blackberry and follow the instructions.

Normally your operator will give you the steps for the configuration.

When you have created your account, go over and click on the service directory and unlock all the services that you can access with your phone.
You can send and retrieve email messages from a web-based email account as well, such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. If you have a POP3 email account, you need to use the settings for POP3 email. If you want to set your phone for POP3 email then follow the simple steps  as given below:

Go to “Email Settings” on your mobile blackberry phone. Then press the Menu key.

Next scroll to setup and press the navigation key. Now scroll to email settings and press the navigation key.

Create email account and scroll to add and press the navigation key. Then scroll to Other and press the Navigation key. Next enter email address.

Blackberry email activation

Highlight the field below email address and key in your email address. Now enter password and highlight the field below Password and key in the password for your email account. Scroll to next and press the navigation key. Click on exit and press disconnect to return to standby mode. After all this, emails will be activated on the Blackberry 8520.