How to transfer BlackBerry contacts to Android via Bluetooth and apps?

Transfer contacts from Blackberry

With simple steps here you will learn as how to transfer all your contacts from a BlackBerry phone to an Android device. Both devices will be paired using Bluetooth. So to transfer BlackBerry contacts to Android understand before you begin that with the following method you can transfer contacts across all Blackberry and Android devices.

As a first step activate Bluetooth on your Android device.  To this just do the simple steps as mentioned below:

Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth Settings. Check the box next to Bluetooth and then check the box next to Visible in order for the device to be detected by the BlackBerry.

Once Bluetooth is activated, it’s time to pair the devices.

Transfer contacts from BlackBerry

From the BlackBerry home screen, click on Options (wrench icon)> Networks and Connections> Bluetooth Connections. Turn the Bluetooth option to On.

Next, go to Paired Devices, click on Add a new device, and then click on Search. Your Android device should be detected.

Once detected, select your Android device and click on Submit to prompt your device.
Transfer contacts

Now transfer contacts via Bluetooth

Paired devices should now appear on your BlackBerry screen. Select your Android phone from the menu. Next, press the BlackBerry button and select Transfer contacts.

Finally authorize Bluetooth access on the Android device and wait for the transfer to be completed. Easy right.

Also there are two ways to move contacts from Blackberry to Android which you can use apart from Bluetooth.

Transfer with ApowerTrans

ApowerTrans is good at transferring files between phones in spite of different models. Through some simple steps, users can move contacts from Blackberry to Android and vice versa at a faster speed than Bluetooth.

First install the program on both phones. Under the same network, use either Blackberry or other Android phones to scan the QR code of the other device. You can also simply click the arrow icon in the right lower corner to connect in Radar. This tool can work without network as well: click the question mark in Radar and open “Hotspot” on the Android device, then make the other device to connect.

Transfer contacts with apps

Find the “Contacts” and select the wanted ones on Blackberry to “Send”. Above the contacts displays an input box for you to search for the contacts quickly. By the way, if you want to sync contacts from Android to Blackberry, just follow the similar steps.

You will find a red icon in the upper right corner, which means the transfer has been built. Tap the icon and enter into “History” to check the status.

Transfer contacts with apps

Except for contacts, users can also move music, photos, videos and other files anytime and anywhere.

Transfer with Phone Manager

Phone Manager is a professional app to sync contacts from Blackberry to Android or vice versa. What’s more, you can also move music, videos, photos etc. Various ways of connection will help you handle with different situations. This app includes lots of user-friendly functions such as making backup or mirroring your phone screen on PC.

First Download the program on PC. Launch the app on PC and connect both phones via USB cable. After connection, the app will be automatically installed on your phone. Next time you want to transfer, you can directly connect two devices via the same WiFi. You can click the pull-down menu to add new devices or switch devices.

Press “Contacts” from Blackberry to choose and “Export” contacts to local folder on PC. Three forms are available for you. Then switch to your Android device, click “Import” to sync the contacts you just exported. Then you will find them on your Android device.

Both programs are adept at syncing contacts from Blackberry to Android. These two tools apply to different conditions. If you prefer to operate on PC, you can choose Phone Manager. While if you want to transfer contacts between two phones directly, ApowerTrans will serve the best.