Do you wish to transfer files using Wi-Fi Direct on BB10!

Wi-Fi Direct is not a new feature to BlackBerry 10, in fact you must have heard of it as it has been available since OS 10.2 One thing to note is if you’re a BlackBerry Z10 you won’t find this option as of now. Also to transfer files over Wi-Fi Direct both devices must be in the same physical location to each other but you don’t require an Internet connection. Here are the simple steps to transfer file using Wi Fi Direct.

First on both devices, turn on the WiFi – Settings-Networks and Connections-WiFi
Tap the Wi-Fi Direct tab
On the sending-device, navigate to the file you want to share (you can share documents, photos, videos, etc). Also, note that you can send multiple files at the same time. Just use the select more option to choose more than one file/photo.
share bb
Tap on Share and choose Wi-Fi Direct from the list
Devices able to receive via Wi-Fi Direct will be displayed, choose the device from the list.
On the receiving-device, a Connection Request toast will appear, tap Accept
Another toast notification will appear asking you to accept the File Transfer over Wi-Fi Direct, tap Yes and the file will send
If you want, you could make the Connection Request, after to go into the Wi-Fi Direct tab. When the list of devices appear, on one device just tap the name of the other device and the Connection Request toast will appear, just Accept the connect here. This means later on, when sharing the file you would only have to say Yes to the file transfer.
Once you’re done transfer/sharing files, you can just back out of the Wi-Fi Direct screen or just close Settings down.
Hope this is useful to you.