BlackBerry Desktop Manager- Add Themes and Applications

Do you wish to install applications and add themes to your Blackberry device? You first need to have BlackBerry Desktop Manager .BlackBerry Desktop Manager, also known as BlackBerry Desktop Software, is installed on the computer with which you synchronize your device. You can also use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to install applications and themes, as well as update the operating system and synchronize your media libraries. To add a theme using the BlackBerry Desktop application, download the free software from and install the application to your computer. Save the ALX theme file to the computer, too.


Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software on your computer. Connect your BlackBerry to your computer via the USB cable that came with it. The device registers to the computer, and the device description and information is displayed on the main screen of the BlackBerry software.

Click the “Applications” option in the left navigation panel. A list of available applications displays. You have a few choices to select from here.

Application Loader

In this screen you have two options to select from.

Select Add/Remove Applications.


From this screen, click browse.

Once you click browse you will see a file search screen

Go to and locate where you unzipped the application/theme files.

Make sure you unzipped both the alx file and cod file in the same folder. If you don’t the installation will fail.

After finding the alx file for the application, highlight it and click open.


You will now return to the Application Loader screen.

From here you should see your file now listed with Install under the Action column.

Click next and you will find that loading was successful. Now click finish.


You can now exit the Desktop Manager and disconnect your BlackBerry. You can now apply the theme as active on the phone.