Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped

Sugar Pop 2 pokies

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped pokies is developed by Betsoft gaming giving you really a sweet treat. Building on the huge success of the original game, Betsoft has released the scrumptious sequel, Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped. As the name suggests, this game keeps the core theme of the original but comes packed full of new features to make it even better.

If you have never played the original Sugar Pop pokies game that was released in 2013 or simply need a reminder, the theme is all about candy and the game is set in a magical, sweet-filled world of joy. This stunning sequel sees Betsoft continue with this story, albeit reimagined with masses of new ideas.

The game play

Sugar Pop 2 pokies

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped has a 7 x 7 cascading reel set-up with cluster payouts. These are a particularly awesome feature and can help you win big money. The amount you can stake on each spin ranges from $0.25 to $150.00. This is a wonderful touch from Betsoft as it means anyone can join in the fun, even if you don’t have a massive starting bankroll.

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped having a huge 96.46% RTP. This is naturally great news for players who can look forward to a higher number of wins in the long term when playing this game. Available to play on your PC or mobile, this means you can start chasing those candies and winning big wherever you are.

Sugar Pop 2- double dipped pokies

The animation is smooth and the way the reels move is slick. The accompanying soundscape is perfect for the game with effects and melodies that capture the whimsical feel of the theme. All this combines to make Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped both fun and seamless to play.

As per the original game, the idea is to match the required number of various candies anywhere on the reels when you spin. Playing the game is as easy as setting your stake amount and hitting the green spin button. In addition to this base game, there are some excellent bonus games as well.

Symbols in the game and how do they work

Sugar Pop 2 Double Dipped pokies

The 7×7 grid in Sugar Pop 2 allows 49 symbols on the screen at once. This differs from the predecessor game, which has a smaller 5×5 grid. Sugar Pop 2 features cluster pays, meaning symbols must touch each other to form winning payouts. Contrast this to standard online pokies, where you must form wins through paylines.

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped is all about the brand-new special candies that are exclusive to this sequel. You can find the dazzling Morphing Golden Wild candy which will mould into the shape of any candy nearby for extra wins. The hilarious Jelly Bean Canon symbol will see colourful Jelly Beans fired into the air on-screen, blasting away any candies they land on. Finally, the Sweet Hammer will see the game board getting a big whack that takes out any candies in its way. All these bonus features give a new dimension to the game and make it worth checking out – even if you know the original well.

Sugar pop 2 Double Dipped pokies game play

This sequel also boasts a totally redesigned set of game mechanics in terms of cluster wins. In Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped, clusters of the special Free Spin symbol now trigger Free Spins. Larger clusters leave a Wild symbol on the board to set up future wins. If you get more than five clusters resolved in one turn, a Candy Bomb symbol appears to trigger huge payouts. This is a real step forward from the original and users will certainly relish it.

Levels and wins in special candies

Sugar Pop 2 pokies game levels

The game consists of levels that players move through as they win, from spin to spin. Every couple of levels, a new candy is unlocked and added to your special candy list. This means that as you progress, you can have even more fun by bringing different candies with entertaining properties into the game.

What is really great about Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped is that there is no level cap! In addition, each new level comes with specific rewards that get better as you advance. This feature not only makes the game more enjoyable, but it also makes it more rewarding as your gaming journey unfolds.

You’ll see a glass meter on the right side of the reels that looks like a machine. The goal is to fill this meter by earning Level-Up symbols. The amount of symbols you need varies based on your current level.

Once the meter fills all the way, you’ll advance a level and move closer towards unlocking a special candy. Here are the different special candies that you collect by unlocking levels:

Level 1 = Gumdrop: absorbs a certain color on the board and explodes.
Level 5 = Caramel Chew: travels around the grid and destroys candies in its path.
Level 9 = Candy Cane: explodes all symbols in the same column and row.
Level 13 = Lollipop: shuffles symbols around to help form wins.
Level 17 = Fizzy Pop Candy: causes random candy symbols to explode.
Level 21 = Jelly Bean Cannon: shoots jellybeans onto the board and causes them to explode.
Level 25 = Morphing Golden Wild: substitutes for adjacent candies to form cluster wins.
Level 29 = Sweet Hammer: hits the board up to 9 times and crushes candies.

All of these special candies boost your chances of forming wins in one way or another. But the later-level candies improve your odds even more.

Other special features

Sugar Pop 2 double dipped- Play with mobile

Candy Bomb is a superb bonus game in Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped. If you hit five or more symbols in a cluster they will make a Candy Wild symbol. More than five winning clusters in one spin sees a striking Candy Bomb appear. Once the Candy Bomb explodes, further prizes await and additional wins can increase the blast size of the Candy Bomb.

Forming a win with 5 or more icons forms a Cluster Bomb, which explodes to include more symbols in the win. The Cluster Bomb can affect anywhere from 6-20 icons, depending upon how many symbols originally appear in the payout.

You can try to double up your prizes following any wins. This option allows you to choose whether to gamble 50% or all of your win. The goal is to pick whether a coin will land on heads or tails.

Free Spins

Sugar pop 2 pokies free spins

It wouldn’t be a classic Betsoft video pokie without some Free Spins to boost your winnings. All players love Free Spins as they give you a risk-free method of winning more money. In Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped, four or more Free Spin candies in a cluster will trigger the Free Spin mode. Each additional Free Spin candy in a winning cluster will give an extra +2 Free Spins to keep you going without affecting your stake.

You can enjoy this game for real money or for free at Rich casino or any online casino that is powered by Betsoft.