Game of Thrones

6 Game of Thrones Slot Machine

Game of Thrones is a pokie that was created by one of the top casino software developers, Microgaming. The game is based on the popular cable television show of the same name. It manages to bring the television show to life through the use of great symbols, outstanding graphics and sound effects and exciting gameplay. The game has many special features that make it one of the best new games that can be found at the online casinos.

The Game

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Game of Thrones is a 5 reel machines that comes in two different versions. One is a 15 pay line machine and the other uses Microgaming’s unique system of no pay lines and 243 different winning combinations. It includes features such as free spins, wild symbols, bonus games, multipliers, scatter symbols and much more. The symbols of the game are designed to represent the show of the same name. The main symbols represent the four families of the show, Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen. There are also the traditional playing cars that range from J to A.

The Features

game of thrones pokies free spins

The features of the game allow players the opportunity to win big jackpots and free spins. The key to triggering the free spins feature is the Iron Throne, which are the scatter symbols of the game. Getting 2 or more scatter symbols gives the player a special reward, but when they get three or more, they enter the free spin games. There are four different free spin games.

  • House Baratheon: Players get 8 Free Spins, with a Multiplier of up to 5x. The Baratheon High Symbol is stacked three high during this game.
  • House Lannister: Players get 10 Free Spins with a multiplier of 4X. The Lannister High Symbol at 4 high.
  • House Stark: Players get 14 Free Spins. There is a multiplier of 3x. The Stark High Symbol is stacked 5 high.
  • House Targaryen: Players get 18 free spins. There is a multiplier of 2X. The Targaryen High Symbol is stacked in this game.

As long as the game is not being played using the mobile version, players can also take advantage of the gamble feature. This feature allows players to take the chanced to double their winnings of any spin by choosing heads or tails correctly.

Betting and Winning

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The 15 pay line machine accepts a minimum bid of $.15 while the 243 winning combination machine accepts a minimum bid of $.30. The maximum number 0f coins that can be bet is 300. Jackpots can be paid out in different ways. During the free spins feature a player can earn a jackpot of between 75,000 and 121,000. If the player can get 5 of the Iron Throne scatter symbols on the screen at the same time they will have their winnings multiplied 200x producing the games largest jackpot.

It is always exciting when a familiar and popular theme can be created for a pokie and Game of Thrones is able to accomplish this feat. While it may not have everything from the show, there is still plenty for everyone to enjoy