How to move files between your BlackBerry and PC Desktop

Here you can learn to create a folder short cut over Wi-Fi between your BlackBerry and your Desktop. This will help you to use your documents with ease whenever you wish to according to your convenience.

Just follow the simple steps given below and get started

First set up your Blackberry for Wi -Fi sharing

From the home screen on your Blackberry scroll down from the top so you can access the settings


Next scroll down to find storage and access and click on it


Switch on Access using Wi Fi

Create a password and click OK ( do not forget the password)

Click on Identification of Network and write down your user name

From the main settings menu scroll down to About and click on it

From drop down category menu select Network


Now find your Blackberry IP Address

Write down the first section of IP/IPv4 numbers


Now time to get your PC ready. So on your desktop click on the Start button and then type the word run on the search bar and click enter

Now enter your Blackberry IP Address that you had written earlier with the prefix file:\\ and then click OK

If asked enter your Blackberry user name and password

If you have an SD card you should use it as your primary storage area. If so  then click into “removable_sdcard”

If you do not use an SD card the click into Media and use your BB own memory

You are now able to see all the folders on your BB

Click on any of the folders you wish to view files on your BB


Click on the documents folder

Click on the address bar and right click with your mouse and select copy

Now set up your short cut to your documents folder

On your PC desktop right click with your mouse and click on New and click on shortcut


Click now into the location bar and right click and paste then click next


Now name your shortcut something familiar like my BB documents and click Finish

Now look for the shortcut link on your desktop

You can drag and drop now documents from your PC to your BB and vice versa

You can access this folder from your desktop or BB and whatever documents you place in this foler will be accessible to you on either of device.