Leaked OS 10.3.2 – Blackberry 10 devices


You all must be eagerly waiting to know what new features and compilation does Black Berry OS 10.3.2 have. The new changes are good but some known issues on this upgraded OS also need to be taken care of as it is in the beta state.

New Features in OS- 10.3.2

  • S/MIME Support for ActiveSync: You can now import your S/MIME certificate into your certificate store and manage your secure email settings in the Hub.
  • Next Generation Enterprise Connectivity: It has an Improving performance and protocol for behind-the-firewall access (requires BES 12.2)
  • Blackberry Protect: This anti-theft protection feature has the Ability to remotely lock, wipe and recover a device by logging into BlackBerry Protect. A device can only be recovered this way.
  • Browser Enhancements: The browsers have enhancement of Anti phishing and private browsing mode.
  • Hub Improvements: You can now open the associated email when viewing an attachment and also can bulk clear the recent contacts.
  • Calendar Improvements: When monthly viewing the calendar you can now grow/shrink the numbers based on how busy the user is during work hours. You can add time zone previews while creating or editing an event
  • Also there is a feature of Blackberry Assistant for interaction with the timer.

Some known issues that have been brought forward are:

  • The Alarm in the clock may reset randomly to a different time, recurrence may toggle, and description may appear corrupt.
  • Alarm configured via BlackBerry Intelligent Assistant does not go off at the configured time
  • After snoozing the alarm, the Clock application buttons may display in the bedside mode.
  • Hub settings may not be retained after an update from BlackBerry 10 OS v10.3.1 to 10.3.2
  • If the device’s font size is larger than 14, speed triage actions may action the incorrect item
  • It may take longer than usual to input text after starting the device
    Content in minimized apps may appear distorted and stretched
  • If bed time mode is enabled while an NFC Card Transaction occurs, the payment is received by the selector dialog is placed underneath the clock
  • Boot time can take up to ten minutes in some cases.

Anything more leaked out in latest OS!