How to play and win at Live Casino Holdem?

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em is available to play at live casino online and can be enjoyed with any mobile smartphone. With this game you can enjoy poker in a more realistic format instantly with real money. Here find how to play and win at Live Casino Holdem with few of the best known strategies.

How to play and win at Live Casino Holdem?

  • All you need is to first join any Australian friendly online live casino.
  • You can do this with your mobile, tablet or PC.
  • Sign up or Join the live casino by filling a short form of registration
  • Set a username and password to login at the casino
  • Make an initial deposit as live casino can only be played with real money.
  • Now go to live casino section at the online casino
  • Go to card games and find the Live Casino Holdem
  • Tap or click to open the game
  • Place Your Ante Bet
  • A new round of the game will begin when each player at the table has placed their ante bet.
  • After the ante bet, the cards are dealt. You will receive two hole cards. Three community cards are placed on the table. Make your decision at this time to fold or raise. If you fold, you are out of the hand. If you raise, then the call bet will be 2x the ante wager.
  • Take a look at the last two community cards and then check your hand.
  • At this point, the dealer will reveal his/her cards. They must qualify to play by holding a pair of 4s or better. Once the cards are revealed, you will find out if your hand is better and then earn a payout if you have beat the dealer.

Best strategies to win Live Holdem

You will love to play this game and have fun as if you are in real land casino, chatting with players and the dealers. Here are few of the best known strategies you can use to take full advantage of this game.

Know When to Call: This strategy helps you to make the right decision based on your hand. If you have a pair, either with your hole cards or a combination with the flop, two overcards to the flop, an ace or king high, or one card to a straight or flush, we recommend is for you to call.  Suppose your are holding Pocket Kings. You know from basic poker that this is a good hand you should call, in most cases. 

Know When to Fold: It is just as important to know when to fold. If the board is paired and you do not have a card above a ten after missing the flop or do not have two overcards, or an ace or king in your hand, fold and wait for the next deal. Like if you are holding 2-3 clubs. This is not a good hand as both cards are lower than a 10. If the board is paired, most likely, you won’t hit anything that will help. 

Use a Calculator: This is another option, and it can be great for new players to Live Casino Hold’em. Use a calculator that can easily be found online to help you make your decisions. Most calculators will provide you with an expected value for any situation. Use Google to find a calculator. You will need to input your hole cards and the three community cards to determine if you have a good hand. 

Set a Budget: If you want to get the most from your session, set a budget. Once you reach your budget in bets, stop playing. If you are winning, you can adjust your budget, but quitting while you are ahead will help you to have money left in your bankroll for when you play again.

If you have set a budget of $100 and lose that amount after an hour of playing, take a break. You don’t want to spend too much as it can lead to more losses. 

Find the Payout table: From the table, you can view the payout table to see the payouts based on hand. The highest paying hand, for example, is the Royal Flush. It pays 100: 1. A Straight Flush pays 20: 1 while a Four of a King pays 10:1. Quickly review this paytable before playing to see what you can earn based on each hand. 

Where to play Live Casino Holdem?

You can play live casino holdem at any Australian friendly online casino with real AUD or BTC. Play live casino holdem at Rich Casino, 7 Reels Casino, Emu Casino, Leo Vegas Casino and others.